Yahoo! GeoPlanet Placename, WOEID, Alternate Names, Adjacent Entities

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Yahoo! GeoPlanet helps bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds by providing an open, permanent, and intelligent infrastructure for geo-referencing data on the Internet. This page provides open access to the underlying data under a Creative Commons Attribution license so that you can incorporate WOEIDs and the GeoPlanet hierarchy into your own applications.

The zip file below contains a license file, a readme file, and three data files in tab-delineated, Unicode (UTF-8) format:

1. geoplanet_places_[version].tsv: the WOEID, the placename, and the WOEID of its parent entity 2. geoplanet_aliases_[version].tsv: alternate names in multiple languages indexed against the WOEID 3. geoplanet_adjacencies_[version].tsv: the entities neighboring each WOEID 4. geoplanet_changes_[version].tsv: the list of removed WOEIDs and their replacement WOEID mappings

How Do I Get Started?

1. Learn more about GeoPlanet and WOEIDs by reading the GeoPlanet documentation 2. Download the file (see link below) 3. Unzip and employ in your application 4. Attribute Yahoo! GeoPlanet appropriately (thanks!)

GeoPlanet Data

Download the latest data: GeoPlanet Data (105 MB, Zip format).

Release history:

  •, released 2010-02-17, latest
  •, released 2009-11-17
  •, released 2009-10-27
  •, released 2009-10-14


The world’s geography is ever-changing so we are always providing regular updates to GeoPlanet. While WOEIDs are permanent, we will at times need to deprecate WOEIDs as the world’s geography changes or if we discover errors (see On WOEID Management in the GeoPlanet Guide). Subsequent versions of the GeoPlanet Data download will contain a changelog with this information.