World Values Survey

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  1. Description

Large global surveys of ‘values’ taking place every five years since 1990 described on its website as “The world’s most comprehensive investigation of Political and Socio-Cultural Change”.

  1. Openness: Semi-Open
  • Access: download in bulk is possible as well as analysis on the website. However have to go through terms and conditions (not automatable) plus give information about yourself.
  • License: full terms and conditions reproduced below but main limitation is that free access is only permitted for not-for-profit purposes (with no information about ‘for-profit’ uses): “The data are available without restrictions, for not-for-profit purposes.” Also require that you notify them when the data is used in a publication (not simply that you attribute).
  1. Full License (as of 2007-09-06)

1. Restrictions

The data are available without restrictions, for not-for-profit purposes.

2. Confidentiality

In accordance with data protection regulations in participating countries, only anonymous data
are available to users. Before depositing data to WVS/EVS, each national team has been
responsible for checking their data with confidentiality in mind. Anonymity is also maintained
after merging of data files.

3. Bibliographic citations

European Values Study Group and World Values Survey Association. EUROPEAN AND WORLD
Aggregate File Producers: Análisis Sociológicos Económicos y Políticos (ASEP) and JD Systems
(JDS), Madrid, Spain/Tilburg University, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Data Files Suppliers: Analisis
Sociologicos Economicos y Politicos (ASEP) and JD Systems (JDS), Madrid, Spain/Tillburg
University, Tillburg, The Netherlands/ Zentralarchiv fur Empirische Sozialforschung (ZA),
Cologne, Germany:) Aggregate File Distributors: Análisis Sociológicos Económicos y Políticos
(ASEP) and JD Systems (JDS), Madrid, Spain/Tillburg University, Tilburg, The
Netherlands/Zentralarchiv fur Empirische Sozialforschung (ZA) Cologne, Germany.

4. Citation requirement

Publications based on WVS/EVS data should acknowledge this by means of bibliographic
a) a bibliographic citation as listed under 3. above
b) a reference to WVS, EVS and Zentral Archive as the data archives and distributors of the
WVS/EVS data.
To ensure that such source attributions are captured for social science bibliographic utilities,
citations must appear in the footnotes or in the reference section of publications.

5. Disclaimer

EVS, WVS, and the producers bear no responsibility for the uses of the WVS/EVS data, or for
interpretations or inferences based on these uses. EVS, WVS and the producers accept no
liability for indirect, consequential or incidental damages or losses arising from use of the data
collection, or from the unavailability of, or break in access to the service for whatever reason.

6. Deposit requirement

To provide funding agencies with essential information about the use of WVS/EVS data and to
facilitate the exchange of information about the WVS/EVS, users of WVS/EVS data are required
to send to WVS/EVS bibliographic citations or electronic copies of each completed report, article,
conference paper or thesis abstract. List of citations and references to works notified will be
made freely available.