World Telecommunication/ITC Indicators Public Metrics

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From the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a United Nations (UN) agency

In the process of consolidating the 44 Excel files provided, I found some data points repeated with different values. The two cases of different values were: one was less precise, or one was left blank. Only the more precise and populated values are included here. When I attempted recalculate the compound annual growth rate (CARG) fields, I was not able to generate the same values in the original data set, so I let it unchanged (see their Technical Notes for additional details: )

In the original data set, some values were set in italics to denote “Year other than that specified or estimate” I did not retain that in the compilation of the data.

A value of zero could mean two things in this compiled data set:
- Zero or other small quantity, or not applicable
- Data not available
This is differentiation is retained in the notes column.

Broadband Subscribers Total (thousands) (1998-2008)
Broadband Subscribers per 100 Inhabitants (1998-2008)
GDP Total (billions US$) (1997-2007)
Internet Subscribers (thousands) (1998-2008)
Internet Subscribers per 100 Inhabitants (1998-2008)
Internet Users (thousands) (1998-2008)
Internet Users per 100 Inhabitants (1998-2008)
Main Fixed Telephone Lines CARG (1998-2008)
Main Fixed Telephone Lines Total (thousands) (1993-2008)
Main Fixed Telephone Lines per 100 Inhabitants (1993-2008)
Main Fixed Telephone Lines per 100 Inhabitants CARG % (1998-2008)
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions (thousands) (1993-2008)
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions CAGR % (1998-2008)
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions Percent Digital % (1998-2008)
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions per 100 Inhabitants (1998-2008)
Population Density per sqkm (1998-2008)
Population Total (millions) (1998-2008)
Prev Year GDP per Capita (US$) (1997-2007)
Ratio of Mobile Subscriptions to Fixed Telephone Lines (1998-2008)


Public Domain (Government Work)

This dataset was prepared by the government and is therefore in the public domain. There are no restrictions upon its use.