World of Warcraft Avatar History (WoWAH) Dataset

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From the perspective of game system designers, players’ behavior is one of the most important factors they must consider when designing game systems. To gain a fundamental understanding of the game play behavior of online gamers, exploring users’ game play time provides a good starting point. This is because the concept of game play time is applicable to all genres of games and it enables us to model the system workload as well as the impact of system and network QoS on users’ behavior. It can even help us predict players’ loyalty to specific games.

The World of Warcraft Avatar History (WoWAH) dataset comprises the records of 91,065 avatars. The data includes the avatars’ game play times and a number of attributes, such as their race, profession, current level, and in-game locations, during a 1,107-day period between Jan. 2006 and Jan. 2009.

The research was performed at the Academia Sinica’s Multimedia Networking and Systems Laboratory in China.