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This is essentially the same dataset as Later School Start Time Especially For
Adolescents except this dataset includes PDF files. The utility that produces
these LanguageFerret datasets PDF file flag was turned to OFF. Thus, inheretly
there are some different URLs or PDF files between them. Concatenating or joining
the two datasets can be considered cumulatively a more comprehensive run for
this subject.

Due to the current educational “infrastructure” setup of most school systems in
the United States, a simple but PROFOUND solution to the health, welfare and well
being of especially adolescents and the safety of society as a whole being
compromised is more often than not contested or opposed by the school boards.

The simple solution of switching the school start times an hour later and
reciprocally having the primary school students start an hour earlier coincides
with the students’ natural biological rhythms or clocks.

This is a very important consideration. While later school start times is
relatively not a new concept, the science or pertinent data behind is increasing
by the day and being implemented by increasingly more school districts as time
goes on.

Often simple, elegant solutions to problems are deemed or viewed inconsequential
just because of their simplicity and/or lack of immediate benefit perception. In
this age of immediate Internet web page and application result gratification the
long term results over weeks or even months is viewed as insufficiently meritorious.

The following two URLs or Internet links respectively to a web page and PDF document
make vigorous, compelling arguments to embrace and implement the school start switch
time philosophy just described:

In their own right, these two links adequately articulate and describe the concepts, biology
etc. involved in the issue. Consider the combination of the two generating hundreds of
thousands, if not millions of corroborating web pages and PDF documents.

This is the basis of the this Later Start School Times dataset.

Here is the listing of the top web pages of these search engine search terms with regard
to Later School Start Time:

later school start time

containing these names, terms and words relating to the preceding “Primary”
search terms:

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