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Online Mapping Service for interactive maps — Web Maps provides you, as a developer, with a powerful and easy-to-use map data tool for your web applications.

You can integrate Web Maps’ dynamic maps into any web application, and the API features a large variety of control possibilities and extensive overlay of symbols. The maps are rendered in a Java applet which offers fast browsing and smooth and animated interaction possibilities.

The dynamic rendering also lets you control the look and feel of the map, and the way in which your users interact with it.

In addition to dynamic and interactive maps, Web Maps includes a Static Maps API, which lets you insert a simple non-interactive map image into your web page, instead of a full-blown map feature that users can interact with.
How it works

Web Maps is powered by Idevio with map data provided by OpenStreetMap

The map data available through OpenStreetMap covers the whole world, but the level of detail varies from country to country.


  • Powerful map component easily embeded into any web page
  • Custom layers with your own objects and symbols
  • Embedded Java Applet with dynamic map rendering in the browser
  • Easily integrated Javascript interface
  • Automatic fallback to Javascript-only version for browsers that do not support Java applets
  • Static Map images inserted into any web page with a simple tag
  • Free access to map data