US Census (ACS): Income, Age, Housing and Population by Location

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The service for this API has ceased

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You can find a download of the data set for this API on this page

The 2009 American Community Survey (ACS) Topline API provides basic demographic data based on your geographically defined query. This geo to ACS data API searches by lat/long coordinates to retrieve ACS data about a geographical area, including education levels, household income, race statistics, household size, gender and age groups.

For more information about the American Community Survey, check out this wikipedia article.

This API is part of the Infochimps Geo API.

Quick Reference Geolocators:

  • Infochimps Office in Austin, TX: g.latitude=30.273054&g.longitude=-97.757598&g.radius=1000
  • San Francisco, CA: g.latitude=37.776115&g.longitude=-122.412768&g.radius=1000
  • Oakland, CA Bounding Box: g.bbox=37.7993,-122.2777,37.8077,-122.2682
  • Marfa, TX: g.latitude=30.311863&g.longitude=-104.024779&g.radius=10000
  • San Francisco, CA Quadkey: &quad_key=0230102
  • Downtown & South Austin, TX Google Tile: g.latitude=30.221101852485983&g.longitude=-97.822265625&g.zoom_level=12