Unverifed List of Foreign Persons Red Flagged for Exporting Actions

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The Unverified List includes names and countries of foreign persons who in the past were parties to a transaction with respect to which BIS could not conduct a pre-license check (PLC) or a post-shipment verification (PSV) for reasons outside of the U.S. Government’s control. Any transaction to which a listed person is a party will be deemed by BIS to raise a Red Flag with respect to such transaction within the meaning of the guidance set forth in Supplement No. 3 to 15 C.F.R. Part 732. The Red Flag; applies to the person on the Unverified List regardless of where the person is located in the country included on the list. This list is not meant to stand alone. It should be used in combination with the Export Administration Regulations including the Denied Persons List (BIS), Entity List (GPO), Specially Designated Nationals List (Treasury), Debarred List (State) and Nonproliferation Sanctions List (State).

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