UK Armed Forces Monthly Manpower Statistics

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This is a monthly publication containing requirements, strengths, intake and outflow from the UK Armed Forces by Service. Voluntary Outflow information by Service is also shown. This publication will be published as early as possible within a two-week window preceding the date shown above.

Source agency: Defence

Designation: National Statistics

Language: English

Alternative title: UKAFMMS

  1. 1 Jul 2009
  1. 1 Aug 2009
  1. 1 Sep 2009
  1. 1 Oct 2009
  1. 1 Nov 2009
  1. December 2009

Import source: ONS-ons_data_7_days_to_2010-02-01
External reference: ONSHUB
National statistic: yes
Geographic coverage: 111100: United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
Update frequency: monthly
Date released: 2010-01-28
Categories: Government
Department: Ministry of Defence
Geographical granularity: UK and GB