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Twitter Strong Links measures a user’s connection potency across the social network. The API uses an innovative algorithm to assess the strength of any Twitter user’s relative connection to other Twitter users. In other words, the API measures how engaged a user is with other Tweeters. One-way conversations (tweets, retweets, @ usage, etc) increase a user’s strength of linkage with another user. If there is Twitter reciprocity between a pair of Tweeters, the Twitter Strong Links score will improve, indicating an even more robust connection between a given pair of users.

You know, Twitter Reciprocity… an @ for an @

Each query to the Twitter Strong Links API measures Twitter interaction for a given user in terms of how it is directed toward other Tweeters. The algorithm assigns greater score strength to evidence of reciprocity (if any) between the queried user and other user accounts. The API results return a list of up to 1,000 user IDs ranked in order of reciprocity strength. Twitter interaction strength is measured across several dimensions to quantify a given user’s strongest connections.

The dataset is current as of April 2011.

What constitutes a ‘strongest connection’?

  • Frequency with which retweets occur between a pair of users
  • Frequency with which “@” is used between a pair of users
  • Frequency with which a tweet or retweet reply is made between a pair of users

Twitter Strong Links is a more dynamic calculation than Twitter Suggests and other tools that quantify Twitter clout and connection strength between users. Use Twitter Strong Links to provide a custom content experience for your users. Develop smarter Twitter analysis tools that integrate connection measurement to assess the cachet and engagement of certain users, versus a simple count of followers and tweets.

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The API reads a “scrape” of the Twitter social network and tabulates user connection results to calculate the strength between users. The API allows for search functionality that returns up to 1,000 strongest connection results for your custom query, and screens out the rest. The simplicity of the API provides ease of use with connecting your program or tool to the Twitter data. Once the API key is implemented in your code, you’ll never have to worry about refreshing the feed or updating the request for new information.

Test the functionality of the API now using the “Sample Request” below. Given a single Twitter user identifier, the API returns an array of up to 1,000 of their strongest connections. Each response includes the user ID for a connection, followed by the Twitter Strong Links score.

Try one of the samples below, or enter your own details in the “screen_name” or “user_id” field:

  • screen_name: infochimps
  • user_id: 15748351