Twitter Census: Tweets by Hour Tweeted

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This data comes from a scrape of the Twitter social network conducted by the Monkeywrench Consultancy. The full scrape consists of 40 million users, 1.6 billion tweets, and more than 1 billion relationships between users.

This dataset is a list of the number of tweet counts by the hour in which the tweet was created collected from tweets sent between March 2006 and March 2010. Each tweet includes a timestamp for when the tweet was created. This dataset counts the number of tweets created and sorts them by year, month, day, and hour. Since the full scrape does not cover 100% of tweets, the total number of tweets is estimated by looking at the minimum and maximum tweet id number for each hour. The coverage of the scrape is then calculated from this estimated number of tweets.

Fields inside the dataset are as follows:
Timestamp (yyyymmddHH)
Number of observed tweets (in our scrape data),
id of the first tweet of the time period,
estimate of number of tweets in the time period (total),
percentage of tweets observed.

If you make a visualization of this dataset, email and we will feature it in a blog post.

The Monkeywrench Consultancy will produce custom slices, subscription services, and analysis of the full scrape for a fee. Please contact for more information.


Monkeywrench Consultancy License

This data is not re-distributable in bulk form.
This data may be used to produce derivative works and to power applications for commercial gain.
Any API or service built on this dataset may not have the same effect as re-distributing this data in bulk.