Twitter Census: Stock Tweets

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Stock tweets from millions of Twitter posts leading up to, during, and after the Global Financial Crisis (March 2006 – March 2010). The data comes from analysis of 1.6 billion tweets during that time period, from approximately 40 million users. This data set includes 2.3 million stock tweets with the ticker symbol and keyword references.

Twitter users will post the convention: $[TICKER SYMBOL] or $$ in a stock tweet to discuss stock quotes, companies, and other information relevant to the financial industry. While not every data point in this set references a specific ticker symbol, it represents a collection of all uses of [$], including ticker symbols and other financial keywords from the associated tweet. Each stock tweet includes a timestamp, $[TICKER SYMBOL] or $$, tweet id, and any associated keywords found in the text of the tweet.

Stock Tweet Samples From The Data Set:

Check out this excerpt of stock tweets from the data set from March 9, 2009, the day that the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached a 12-year low of 6,547, the market bottom during the recent Global Financial Crisis:

Timestamp $TICKER SYMBOL Tweet ID Related Keywords
20090309200221 $DJIA 1301986107 down,rally
20090309200221 $INDU 1301986107 down,rally
20090309200233 $UYG 1301987023 blank
20090309200239 $$ 1301987551 put,call,market,long
20090309200239 $VIX 1301987551 put,call,market,long
20090309200247 $$ 1301988133 today,market,action,low
20090309200335 $AAPL 1301991755 call
20090309200335 $AAPL 1301991755 call
20090309200435 $$$ 1301996223 good
20090309200501 $MSFT 1301998073 down,call,week

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