Twitter Census - Conversation Metrics: One year of URLs, Hashtags, Smileys usage (monthly)

Added By Infochimps

Twitter data from millions of tweets! This is a download of Twitter data from March 2006 to November 2009. The data set consists of “tokens,” which are hashtags (#data), URLs, or emoticons (Twitter smileys or other “faces” created using keyboard characters). The data comes from analysis on the full set of tweets during that time period, which is 35 million users, over 500 million tweets, and more than 1 billion relationships between users.

Infochimps uses a tool to “scrape” user profiles, extracting Twitter data. This data set exclusively consists of token usage (Twitter smileys, hashtags or URLs). The Twitter data in this compilation is organized by hour and month, and includes the occurrence count of each Twitter token for each hour.

Use Cases For Twitter Census – Conversation Metrics

Use the data to create Twitter analysis across trending topics (, brands, industries, and pop culture to assess the sentiment or popularity around any area of interest. For example, use the data to look at the social networking adoption of Google Wave based on the rate of its mentions.

If you make a visualization of this dataset, you may submit it to us by clicking on the “App Gallery” tab and following the instructions to “submit it now.”


Monkeywrench Consultancy License

This data is not re-distributable in bulk form.
This data may be used to produce derivative works and to power applications for commercial gain.
Any API or service built on this dataset may not have the same effect as re-distributing this data in bulk.