Twilio/ Street Vector Data Set

Added By fnordquist
The Twilio/ Street Vector data set provides a complete database of US street names and address ranges mapped to zip codes and latitude/longitude ranges, with DTMF key mappings for all street names.

Using this data set, an application can:

  • Validate and normalize a street address entered by a customer to reduce shipping or billing exceptions in e-commerce transactions
  • Find a list of streets in a zip code, allowing a user to pick their street from a list in a form, or via the phone using the supplied DTMF street name mappings
  • Find the latitude and longitudes of any address, street segment, or entire zip code, for plotting on a mapping service, such as Google Maps, without running into restrictive API quotas
  • Analyze the distribution of street names or addresses across the country, finding all zip codes with the same street name. With lat/long, map all instances of “Main St.” across the US
  • Use the Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) mappings to build a phone application, allowing callers to enter their full US address (including street name) via their phone’s keypad