Thinking About Mixing Drinks

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The inspiration for this project came from our personal experiences with poorly mixed and very poor tasting drinks. Especially among college students with limited resources, it is common to find strange mixtures. Through our visualization, we wanted to look into the compatibility of various drinks to be able to offer a resource for people to use to figure out what alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are the most compatible with each other. We scraped the data from a site with over 9000 different popular drink combinations. We also ran taste trials with our peers to determine which drinks tasted good together, and which ones were not compatible. We personally had over 200 tests, along with the 9000+ drink dataset from Google Refine helped us to refine some errors in our data, although we did not throw out any information completely, and Processing was our main coding method along with some Java.

DISCLAIMER: You should not drink alcoholic drinks if you are under the age of 21.