The National Public Transport Data Repository (traveline)

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  1. Description

Data created by [traveline]( and used by (among others) [transportdirect]( From :

> The third snapshot of the traveline data was taken in October 2006. It was based on the data that traveline was using in one week in October 2006.
> Guidance Notes were available to describe the data formats that were preferred for the submission. The data is still being processed.
> …
> Access to the repository is at and can also be accessed by ftp. Address: (if this does not work try Look out for the pdf file “Web Site User Guide”.
> A username and password is needed. One is being issued to each local authority and may be issued to anyone doing accessibility planning for a public sector client.
> If you need a password ask NPTDR Data Manager at Thales.

  1. Openness: NOT OPEN
  • License: need a license for commercial use 1.
  • Access: access to download ftp site is restricted. Appears to be by ftp for those with requisite permissions.

1 according to :

> NPTDR data is now being made available under commercial licence to those who are working on projects whether they are inside or outside the public sector.

Discussed at [Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02](