The First Billion Digits of Pi

Added By Infochimps

Why calculate so many digits of pi? According to Alexander J. Yee and Shigeru Kondo, world record holders for calculating the most digits of pi (5 billion digits), “because it’s Pi… and because we can!”

Do not fret if you lack the expensive hardware, multi-terabytes of storage capacity and loads of free time to calculate the number that never ends. The Infochimps have the first billion digits of pi available for download… right here on this page!

The pi download on this page includes the first billion digits of pi as a flat file divided into groups of 10 digits with 10 groups per line. The original source for the file is PI WORLD of JA0HXV. Here, you may also find the next hundred billion digits available along with digits for e and other fundamental constants.

What to do with your new-found free time? Browse some of our other geeky compilations. It’s as easy as (downloading) pi!

Food for thought – the current fastest-speaking person in the world can speak at a rate of 637 words per minute. In other words, it would take him 1,569,858.7 minutes to say one billion digits of pi. That’s 26,164.3 hours…

or 1,090 days…

or 3 years!


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