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Maponics Subdivision Boundaries TM is a geographic data set that provides real estate consumers and professionals a clear and consistent way to identify and map the areas that define housing developments. Until now, data about subdivisions were only available through local governments or as attributes within property listings—neither of which can be used for systematic filtering, display, analysis and online mapping across large geographic areas throughout the U.S. Subdivision Boundaries is a unique data set that currently includes names, locations and boundaries for more than 150,000 real estate subdivisions across 130 counties in 17 states.

Subdivision Boundaries are created using patent-pending technology that transforms a blend of GIS and public records into accurate polygons that represent the perimeters around housing subdivisions. Like all Maponics products, quality is central to our process for creating and updating subdivision data. We’ve defined more than fifty quality metrics that our GIS professionals analyze to ensure data within the product meet our rigorous standards.