Storage Facilities by Landmarks

Added By selene

This data set includes US storage facility locations, mainly self-storage, and landmarks within a 5 mile radius of them. Included are national chain storage facilities, as well as locally owned and operated facilities. The landmarks listed range from schools and post offices to shopping centers, correctional facilities, and train stations from the 2010 Census TIGER point landmarks. There are over 870k entries in the data set.

This large data set could be useful for users researching geographic data. It can also be merged with other geographic data available through Infochimps to find the proximity between different business locations, residential areas, or landmarks, with the storage facilities and landmarks in this data set.

Fields include:

  • landmarks_gid
  • statefp
  • countyfp
  • ansicode
  • landmark_name
  • mtfcc (MAF/TIGER Feature Classification Code )
  • facilities_gid
  • facility_name
  • address zip
  • lon and lat
  • city
  • state
  • paid id
  • longitude
  • latitude
  • distance
  • facility_geom
  • landmark_geom