Sparse Matrix Collection : Sparse Matrices From a Wide Range of Applications

Added By Infochimps

These matrices cover a wide spectrum of domains, include those arising from problems with underlying 2D or 3D geometry (such as structural engineering, computational fluid dynamics, model reduction, electromagnetics, semiconductor devices, thermodynamics, materials, acoustics, computer graphics/vision, robotics/kinematics, and other discretizations) and those that typically do not have such geometry (such as optimization, circuit simulation, economic and financial modeling, theoretical and quantum chemistry, chemical process simulation, mathematics and statistics, power networks, and other networks and graphs). The collection is widely used for the development and testing of graph-theoretic algorithms, graph-visualization methods, and sparse matrix algorithms, among other applications. The collection includes software for accessing and managing the collection, from MATLAB, Fortran, and C.

As of April 2009, it contains 2255 problems (some of which are sequences of dozens of matrices). The collection is an extension of the Harwell-Boeing Collection, which comprises the first 292 matrices in the UF Sparse Matrix Collection. The largest matrix in the UF collection has a dimension of almost 29 million, with 760 million nonzero entries.


The matrices are available in three formats: MATLAB mat-file, Rutherford-Boeing, and Matrix Market. Note that the MATLAB mat-files can only be read by MATLAB 7.0 or later.