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  • Source for Current Death Row Population: NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. “Death Row USA” January 1, 2010
  • State executions accurate as of most recent execution.
  • Source for most Pre-1976 executions: The Espy Database.
  • States with and without the Death Penalty
  • Source for Murder Rates: FBI Uniform Crime Statistics for 2008 (Published September 2009)
  • Clemency Process: National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, “Executive Clemency Process and Execution Warrant Procedure In Death Penalty Cases (1993)”, with updates by DPIC.
  • Death Row Locations: Provided by each State Department of Corrections (Click Here for links)
  • Felony Murder Information: Acker, James R. and C.S. Lanier, “The Dimensions of Capital Murder,” 29 Criminal Law Bulletin 379 (1993).
  • Female Statistics: Streib, Victor L., “Death Penalty for Female Offenders”
  • Juvenile Statistics: Streib, Victor L., "The Juvenile Death Penalty Today


  • Clemency Information
  • Crimes Elligible for the Death Penalty (by State)
  • Death Row Information
  • Execution Database
  • Executions in the United States After 1976
  • Executions in the United States Before 1976: The Espy File
  • Innocence and the Death Penalty
  • Related Web Sites (Listing of Individual State Pages)
  • Sentencing Information