Short-Term Energy Outlook

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Provides Real gasoline pump prices on an annual basis back to 1919 and monthly prices for gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel, and imported refiners acquistion cost of crude oil from January 1980 through the end of the forecast. Monthly Real Petroleum Prices are computed by dividing the nominal price in a given month by the ratio of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in that month to the CPI in the current STEO month, the “base” period. Example: The current base period for the August 2009 data is August 2009. The base period for the annual data is the previous year, in this case is 2008. So the real annual prices are in 2008 dollars. The base period for the annual data will be updated in January 2010.

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  • Date Released: 06/01/04
  • Date Updated: 8/11/2009; Updated monthly
  • Time Period: Monthly Data updates
  • Data Category Type: Raw Data Catalog
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Specialized Data Category Designation: Statistical

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