Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO) website section updates

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Annual updates to various sections of the ScotPHO website, including key points, policy context, key data sources, references and data summaries.

Source agency: National Health Service in Scotland

Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics

Language: English

Alternative title: ScotPHO Website Section Updates

  1. Obesity, diabetes and allergic conditions annual updates
  1. High blood pressure, obesity and other annual section updates
  1. Diabetes update

Import source: ONS-ons_data_7_days_to_2010-02-01
External reference: ONSHUB
National statistic: no
Geographic coverage: 010000: Scotland
Update frequency: annually
Date released: 2010-01-26
Agency: National Health Service in Scotland
Categories: Health and Social Care
Geographical granularity: Other