Quality & Outcomes Framework (QOF) of the new GMS Contract

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The Quality & Outcomes Framework (QOF) is a major part of the new General Medical Services (GMS) contract, introduced in April 2004.The QOF measures GP practice achievements against a range of evidence-based indicators, with points and payments awarded to practices according to their level of achievement.

Source agency: National Health Service in Scotland

Language: English

Alternative title: Quality & Outcomes Framework (QOF)

  1. Scotland-level prevalence figures 2008/09
  1. Practice achievement data 2008/09

Import source: ONS-ons_hub_2009_09.xml
External reference: ONSHUB
National statistic: no
Geographic coverage: 010000: Scotland
Date released: 2009-09-29
Agency: National Health Service in Scotland
Categories: Health and Social Care
Geographical granularity: Country