Poverty Data Sets General Information

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A collection of subnational, spatially explicit, poverty data sets. These are available for selected proxy measures of poverty at global and national scales. The global data are of varying resolution, but primarily coarse; the national data sets are of considerable higher resolution.

The Global data sets include two proxy poverty measurements: Malnutrition (underweight children) and Infant Mortality Rates and possible poverty determinants, all translated to a common quarter-degree grid. A quarter-degree grid cell is approximately 770 square kilometers (300 square miles) at the equator, and progressively less at higher latitudes.

The National data sets include: the Small Area Estimates Data Sets that contain poverty, inequality, and related data for subnational administrative units in approximately twenty countries, Unsatisfied Basic Needs Data Sets that contain measures of unmet basic needs for subnational administrative units of numerous countries in Latin America, and the Poverty and Food Security Data Sets that contain poverty and food security measures for several case study countries.