Population Trends

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Covers population and demographic information. It contains commentary on the latest findings and topical articles on relevant subjects.

Source agency: Office for National Statistics

Designation: National Statistics

Language: English

Alternative title: Pop Trends

  1. No. 135
  1. No. 136
  1. No. 130 Life expectancy gap at State Pension Age set to narrow
  1. No. 131 45 per cent of marriages will end in divorce
  1. No. 132 No clear link between marital age gap and divorce
  1. No. 133 Home births continue gradual increase
  1. No. 133 North-South divide in mothers’ age
  1. No. 134 National Statistician’s Annual Update on the UK Population: Mortality and Population Ageing

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National statistic: yes
Geographic coverage: 111100: United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
Date released: 2009-06-25
Agency: Office for National Statistics
Categories: Population
Geographical granularity: UK and GB