Parental experience of services for disabled children

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Findings from a national sample survey of parents of disabled children. The primary purpose of the survey is to measure parental experience of services for disabled children, and provides the 2008-09 baseline for the national performance indicator 5 for the Public Service Agreement on Child Health and Wellbeing (PSA 12). The secondary purpose of the survey is to provide baselines in 30 local authority areas for the National Indicator Set for local authorities (NI 54), and also NHS Vital Signs indicators for Primary Care Trusts (VSC33) in PCT areas which have boundaries exactly coterminous with these LA areas. The data is being collected through a questionnaire to parents asking for their views of health, social care and education services for their disabled child as experienced in the preceding 12 months. The framework for the questionnaire is the Aiming High for Disabled Children core offer standards on information, transparency, assessment, participation and feedback. The data will provide an overall national figure on parental experience (between 0 and 100). The data will also provide an overall local figure on parental experience for 30 local areas participating in the first data collection.

Source: British Market Research Bureau (BMRB)

Publisher: Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF)

Geographies: County/Unitary Authority

Geographic coverage: England

Time coverage: 2008/09, 2009/10

Type of data: Survey

Import source: DATA4NR-data4nr-export-13-01-2010.csv
External reference: DATA4NR-1332
National statistic: no
Geographic coverage: 100000: England
Update frequency: Annually
Temporal coverage from: 2008
Source: British Market Research Bureau (BMRB)
Department: Department for Children, Schools and Families
Temporal coverage to: 2010