Online Movie Database -

Added By Infochimps

The Add Movies Automatically screen in Movie Collector uses online movie database for movie information, edition details and cover images. This online database is automatically “fed” from the region 1 DVD list, and other international sources for movie information. But still, the main source for new movie entries, barcodes and cover images is Movie Collector users like you.

So if you come across a movie or TV series that is not in the database, you can help your fellow Movie Collector users, by adding that movie manually and then submitting it for inclusion in the central online database, preferably including full cast & crew and a “home-scanned” cover image.

The same holds for entries that are missing a cover image or have incomplete data (e.g. no cast or crew). Just complete and correct the entry you downloaded, then submit it back to us.

All submitted data is processed semi-automatically by our content managers. Your submitted entries will live in the central database within a few days, ready to be enjoyed by other Movie Collector users.