Offers API - CityGrid

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The CityGrid Offers API enables developers to create applications that access deals and offers in the CityGrid network. Examples of applications that could use the Offers API include:

  • Applications that display offers for restaurants in a specified neighborhood
  • Applications that display offers for refrigerators in a given metropolitan area
  • Applications that display free offers only

If you qualify as a CityGrid partner, you may use Places that Pay, which allows you to get paid when using the Offers API. Use Impression Tracking to notify CityGrid about impressions and references.

The Offers API consists of two endpoint categories:

  • Offers Search
  • Offers Detail

Offers Search allows you to find multiple offers by “what” and “where,” but does not return detailed information about each offer. Offers Detail allows you to obtain information about a particular offer, such as location, how to redeem, start and expiration dates, etc.