Nonfuel Mineral Commodities--Production, Foreign Trade, and Price: 2006

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The Statistical Abstract files are distributed by the US Census Department as Microsoft Excel files. These files have data mixed with notes and references, multiple tables per sheet, and, worst of all, the table headers are not easily matched to their rows and columns.

A few files had extraneous characters in the title. These were corrected to be consistent. A few files have a sheet of crufty gibberish in the first slot. The sheet order was shuffled but no data were changed.

The tables that were changed (this is table 869):

0166 0257 0362 0429 0445 0446 0459 0461 0462 0464 0465 0466 0467
0469 0479 0480 0481 0482 0483 0484 0485 0486 0487 0559 0628 0629
1144 1227 1231

This dataset consists of a table of 68 rows and 12 columns.

2,300 represents 2,300,000. Preliminary estimates. Preliminary estimates. Average price in dollars per metric tons, except as noted; see Appendix IV


  1. Calculated as a percent of apparent consumption.
  2. Dollars per pound.
  3. Refinery production.
  4. Dollars per metric ton.
  5. Net exporter.
  6. Granulated pentahydrate borax in bulk, free on board mine.
  7. Dollars per kilogram.
  8. Bulk, purified bromine.
  9. 1- to 5-short ton lots.
  10. Secondary production.
  11. Value of imports, dollars per carat.
  12. Dollars per troy ounce.
  13. Price of flake imports.
  14. Cost, insurance, and freight value, crude, per kilogram.
  15. Delivered, No. 1 Heavy Melting composite price.
  16. 46- to- 48 percent Mn metallurgical ore,
    per unit contained Mn, cost, insurance, and freight U.S. ports.
  17. Dollars per 76-pound flask.
  18. Exports include both primary and secondary materials.
  19. London Metal Exchange cash price.
  20. Free on board Gulf Coast.
  21. Dealer price of platinum.
  22. Price of K20, muriate.
  23. Vacuum and open pan, bulk, pellets and packaged,
    free on board mine and plant.
  24. Price for imported zircon, free on board U.S. East Coast.
  25. Value less than or equal to 50,000 metric tons. Includes silicon metal only.
  26. Ferrosilicon only.
  27. Ferrosilicon, 50 percent Si.
  28. Quoted year-end price, dense, bulk, free on board Green River, WY, dollars per short ton.
  29. Quoted price, bulk, free on board works, East, dollars per short ton.
  30. Elemental sulfur, free on board mine and/or plant.
  31. Rutile, list, year-end.
  32. Dollars per metric ton unit W03 (7.93 kilograms of contained tungsten per metric ton unit).
  33. London Metal Exchange cash price for Special High Grade zinc.


Public Domain (Government Work)

This dataset was prepared by the government and is therefore in the public domain. There are no restrictions upon its use.