NI 117 - 16 to 18 year olds who are Not in Education, Training or Employment (NEET)

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The percentage of 16 to 18 year olds who are not in education, employmentor training (NEET).

Source: Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF): Pupil Annual School Level Census (PLASC)

Publisher: DCLG Floor Targets Interactive

Geographies: County/Unitary Authority, Government Office Region (GOR), National

Geographic coverage: England

Time coverage: 2005/06, 2008

Type of data: Administrative data

Notes: Data are collected monthly. However, this indicator and NEET targets use an annual result which is based on three one month snapshots at the end of November, December and January each year. Data relates to young people who were aged 16-18 on the day of the count. Young people aged 16 to 18 years are counted as either: Education, employment or training (EET) if they are in 1) Education (Including gap year students who have an agreed deferred HE entry date) 2) Government supported training; 3) Employment. Young People are Not in education, employment or training (NEET) if they are not engaged in one of the EET activities above, including those: 1) Undertaking a personal development opportunity, voluntary work or activity agreement 2) Seeking or waiting to start work or learning 3) Not yet ready for work or learning 4)Not available to the labour market (including those experiencing ill health, caring for a child, or out of the country). Neither EET or NEET if they are: 1) currently residing in a custodial institution 2) a refugee or asylum seeker who has not yet been granted citizenship. Young people neither EET or NEET are excluded from the calculation. Current situation not known if: 1) their current situation is not known 2) they cannot be contacted 3) they refuse to disclose their current activity 4) their records are no longer current

Update frequency: Annually
Import source: DATA4NR-data4nr-export-13-01-2010.csv
External reference: DATA4NR-1020
National statistic: no
Geographic coverage: 100000: England
Update frequency: Annually
Temporal coverage from: 2005
Source: Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF): Pupil Annual School Level Census (PLASC)
Department: Department for Children, Schools and Families
Temporal coverage to: 2008