Neuronal Wiring Network of the Caenorhabditis elegans roundworm

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This data was first discussed by Chen, Hall, and Chklovskii, PNAS, March 21, 2006 vol. 103:12 pp.4723-4728. A full analysis of the following data can be found in “Structural properties of the C. elegans neuronal network” by Lav R. Varshney, Beth L. Chen, Eric Paniagua, David H. Hall and Dmitri B. Chklovskii.

Provided is a compilation of an updated version of C. elegans wiring diagram (280 nonpharyngeal neurons (CANL/R were excluded since they have no obvious synapses), covering 6393 chemical synapses, 890 electrical junctions, and 1410 neuromuscular junctions). Pivotal works published by White et al, 1986 and Hall and Russell, 1991 had provided neuronal circuitry in the head and tail, but lacked connection details for 58 motor neurons in the ventral cord of the worm. Most of the missing data for this region is now compiled by using original electron micrographs (EM) and handwritten notes from White and co-workers. The dorsal side of the worm around the mid-body was not previously documented. Using original thin sections prepared by White et al, 1986, new EM images were generated and neuron processes of animal “N2U” in this region were reconstructed. The new version of the wiring diagram incorporates original data from White et al, 1986, new reconstructions, as well as updates based upon later work (Hobert, O. & Hall, D. H.,1999; and Durbin, R. M., 1986, Achacoso and Yamamoto W.S., 1992). Inconsistencies within the data were reconciled by checking against original EM and handwritten notes from White and co-workers. Over 3000 connections, including chemical synapses, electrical junctions, and neuromuscular junctions were added and/or updated from the previous version. Due to rather sparse sampling of data along lengths of the sub-lateral, canal-associated lateral, and mid-body dorsal cords, connectivity ambiguities for a select few neurons remain.

cite: Neuronal Connectivity II: by L.R. Varshney, B.L. Chen, E. Paniagua, D.H. Hall and D.B. Chklovskii