Natural Gas Hydrofracking Terms Inference Matrix 38 – Gerry Baker IOGCC (Interstate Oil & Gas Comm)

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Natural Gas Hydrofracking Terms Inference Matrix 38 – Gerry Baker IOGCC (Interstate Oil & Gas Comm)

This substantial Excel spreadsheet “Inference Matrix” for Mr. Gerry Baker, the associate director of the Interstate
Oil & Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) which chronicles and categorizes Internet references on web pages and
online .PDF documents with respect to him is much in the genre and context as the one I post for Mr. Brad Gill who
is the executive director of the Independent Oil And Gas Association of New York

This Inference Matrix displays Mr. Baker’s “Internet footprint” with respect to Internet engine search results of his name
alone and the already define acronym (IOGCC) of the presence of selected associated search terms (“Auxiliary terms”)
to uniquely “map” where; i.e. what web pages and online .PDF and other documents he is referenced with respect to them.

In my opinion tracking, defining, cataloging Mr. Baker’s Internet presence or footprint is even more important than Mr.
Gill’s as it is a known that Mr. Gill would of course have a bias with respect to the natural gas industry. And if he didn’t
it’s obvious he wouldn’t be keeping his directorship; for long, would he?

But the context of Mr. Baker is different; very different. He represents government and regulators and for something
as important and influential as Hydrofracking already is and will all the more be on all of our lives, health and welfare,
the delineation or demarcation between regulator and regulated should be kept to the maximum wherever possible and
should be acknowledged from both the industry and the regulatory sides.

Such unholy alliances inherently create the specter of withheld information or released data in a format critical to the
welfare of society that is inherently hard to glean readily use for scrutiny and study using the tools modern computing
has to offer.

I have my own criticisms about the integrity of the .PDF format that the IOGCC in conjunction with the Groundwater
Protection Council (GWPC) uses in their release of Hydrofracking well data:

You can get the full background here:

(titled: Hydrofracking Database Much To Be Desired)

But even if FracFocus,org did release the data in my desired format, the more important, compelling issue
is the relationship between the regulator (i.e. government) and the regulated:

These few URL links are nowhere near comprehensive in this regard. I’ve already created Inference Matrices especially
devoted to this and it won’t be the last. From day one of the establishment of our country our forefathers well
understood our regulators need to be regulated and those regulators who track need to be tracked themselves; watched
like hawks. Things were not that different in 1776.

In my telephone discussion with me Mr. Baker offhandedly dismissed the significance and potential dire consequences
of such tight alliances between industry and regulator. If you bring up the aforementioned propublica link you will see
several instances of information being withheld by the IOGCC where there is no credible reason why it shouldn’t indeed
be released … that’s just names of some appointees let alone Hydrofracking data!

I have my own questions that to date have gone completely unanswered. This is all explained in this free dataset in easy
to follow language with emphasis on documentation to who and when inquiries were made etc. For this dataset, there is
nothing to download; the dataset is essentially the overview or description itself. Just keep scrolling down:

That the overall effect of the highly touted potential of the Marcellus Shale being the foundation for the United States to become energy independent is so off base, and qualified scientists and engineers; let alone myself have not been adequately answered by the natural gas industry by some easy to follow numbers and statistics is an essential consideration.

The “Inference matrix” is a powerful reformat of the “base data” I generate from my app where from inference or extrapolation of currently up to 255 terms the user can make an unprecedentedly accurate determination if the given web page or online. PDF document warrants further scrutiny and examination.

The “terms” can be any combination of proper, place or company names, technical, medical or generic terms and/or just "regular words in any language or better put any language’s alphabet or character set that is represented on the Internet.

The idea is basic search terms are put through a search engine and then respectively for each of the each web page or online PDF document links (URLs) that are returned (i.e. search results), the HTML or text of the given web page/PDF doc is further searched for the presence of the up to 255 user names, terms and words just mentioned; the maximum number of columns in an Excel spreadsheet.

There are currently several free examples here on that should give you a better idea of gist. These examples are the standard format where the web page URL/link is the “key” and the terms are associated with the web page.

The new format has the terms as the key and the URLs/links as the data. Thus, if you want to quickly see the Internet presence or “Internet footprint” of a Hydrofracking chemical that may be the root of your rare form of cancer you look down the column of the Excel file. If you quickly want to see other chemical names that may be on the same web page or .PDF doc, you look at the rows.

For those of you familiar with Microsoft Excel I want to remind you of and for those of you new to Excel I want to relate to you a nifty Excel feature that will enhance your viewing of these Hydrofracking Inference Matrices.

It is the “Freeze Frame” feature. The idea here is to freeze the first row of the spreadsheet which are located all the “Auxiliary” terms which are the headers for the columns containing the URLs/links that contain the given Auxiliary term.

Thus as you scroll down you don’t need to make time consuming notes what column is for what Auxiliary term or constantly return to row 1 for reference.

To implement the Freeze frame by an easy keyboard sequence first set set your Excel focus (cursor) to Cell B1. Now press [Alt][w] in combination as you press the [Shift] key to capitalize a letter. An Excel drop down menu should appear showing Freeze Panes with the F of Freeze underlined. Now merely press F. The case does not matter for the W or F.

There – The first row should be frozen as you scroll down the speadsheet. To undo just repeat the two step procedure.

As you probably know Hydrofracking abounds with controversy. The Inference Matrix is an unprecedented tool to get to the web pages
closest to or exactly in the ballpark of your interest.

The “Primary” search terms for this dataset are: IOGCC Gerry Baker

The “Auxiliary” search terms for this dataset: those that are searches for their presence from each URL (web page, online .PDF document) returned from the search engine search results of the Primary terms are:

accountable admission advocate Agee appearance appoint appointed associate awareness Baker biased boost bureaucrat bureaucrats Cabot Calhoon Chesapeake club collecting commission committee compact concern concerns conducting conference confidential conflict conserved corporate crucial Daniels data Daugherty declaration denial denied details development director drilling economic economy emergency endangering energy environment environmental environmentalist executives fracturing gas Gerry governor governors groundwork Halliburton hydraulic Hydrofracking impediment impeding impropriety independent industry interest interstate IOGCC legislation list lobbyist lobbyists management maximized meetings mitigate Murfin natural NGAS oblivious oil Oklahoma operational position produced ProPublica Pruet regulator regulatory request research resolutions safety secure shale shill Sierra small Smith sponsor stance statement stimulus sufficient supply synthesizing unbiased Vaughey Wallen water watershed website