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FY2001 analysis of the President’s budget: NPP’s analysis of the FY2011 federal budget spans FY2008 to projected FY2012. The publication also offers state-level spending programs for health, education and energy.

Tax Day 2010: NPP issued its annual spending breakout of a federal tax dollar based on the same budget categories found in our President’s budget analysis. The accompanying web-based Interactive Tax Chart allows individuals to see how their income taxes are distributed across budget spending categories.

Federal Priorities Database: Our one-of-a-kind database contains state and local data for federal spending programs with associated budget category indicators. Categories include: health, education, energy, hunger, housing, labor, income & poverty and military. The database allows users to determine localized federal spending trends, as well as the potential impact of that spending.

Federal Budget 101 charts and briefs: NPP offers briefs on topics such as the federal budget time line, the difference between discretionary and mandatory spending, and the role of federal funds and trust funds in the budget. We also offer several historical charts of budget related information on the discretionary budget, total outlays, revenues, and deficits and debt.