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Mobile Mapping Service — With Mobile Maps you can create your own applications – such as friend-finder services, navigation systems, restaurant locators, weather services and location-based social networks. Download the map data library and start creating the next killer map application right now. Your imagination is the limit!

How it works

The vector-based map rendering of this API is unique because it renders the maps in the mobile phone application. Therefore, Mobile Maps uses very low bandwidth compared to many other map services and applications that download image tiles. This means faster applications and lower data costs for your users. Rendering the maps in the application also gives you, as a developer, more control and flexibility when developing your applications.

Mobile Maps is Java based and available both for Java ME and Android. You download the Java ME or Android library, which provides the functionality of downloading, displaying, and interacting with maps to your applications. It also includes access to the map data itself from OpenStreetMap.

Mobile Maps is powered by Idevio with map data provided by OpenStreetMap.

The OpenStreetMap data has worldwide coverage but the level of detail varies from country to country.


Mobile Maps’ features include:

  • Dynamic rendering engine for map vector data
  • Maps that can be customized to suit your application needs
  • Flexible User Interface controls
  • Support for a wide range of handsets (Java ME and Android)
  • Free access to map data

You also get access to our POInting device library for Android that lets you do directional Point-of-Interest search. You can for example build an application where you point at an object and get information back about that object.