Minnesota Traffic Management Center (TMC) Data Archive Download

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The data in this archive are continuously collected by the Traffic Management Center (TMC), a division of Mn/DOT, at a 30-second interval from over 4,500 loop detectors located around the Twin Cities Metro freeways, seven days a week and all year round. The collected data are then daily packaged into a single zip file and loaded into the UMD (University of Minnesota Duluth) server. The file format follows “yyyymmdd.traffic” where yyyy is the four digit representing year, mm is the two digit representing month, and dd is the two digit representing date, for example, data for May 8, 2000 would have the file name “20000508.traffic”. This file is a zip compressed format and can be uncompressed using common unzip software such as WinZip. Unzipping a “*.traffic” file will create about 9,000 files, in which 4,500 files are volume files with file name “###.v30” and the other 4,000 files are occupancy files with “###.o30” or “###.c30” where ### corresponds to the detector ID number. For details on the data format, click the link for the Mn/DOT unified traffic format provided below. This data service is provided by the Transportation Research Data Lab (TDRL) at UMD to share the research resources and ideas with University researchers and Mn/DOT partners. The users of this data are encouraged to contact us and share research and development ideas. This data may be freely distributed, but should not be sold or used for profit. Last but not least, we (TDRL and external users) thank TMC for kindly providing access to the traffic data. The data format follows the Mn/DOT’s Unified Traffic Data Format.