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Measure merchant loyalty and average transaction amount for thousands of San Francisco and New York Metropolitan Area bars, shops, and restaurants. Build cool apps that show how people really spend their money and what places have the most loyal clientele. The API pulls from’s extensive merchant data. This API’s data is based on data from the US government and on actual anonymous credit card transactions from Citi®.

The Loyalty Score is designed to help you find merchants with devoted customers, and therefore determine merchant reliability. The scores are based on multiple factors, including how frequently customers return, and how much of their money spent in that category is spent with that merchant.

The simplicity of the API provides ease of use with connecting your program or tool to a constant feed of customer spending behavior! Once the API key is implemented in your code, you’ll never have to worry about refreshing the feed or updating the request for new information.

This data set is available with an Infochimps Platform Solution. For availability inquiries, use the Contact Us form to the right.