MaxMind's GeoLite IP to 2000 U.S. Census Data

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IP To Geolocation API

One IP to geo tool to return over 30 fields of US Census data through the simplicity of an API. Search by IP address to retrieve US Census data about a geographical area, including household income, gender, home value, housing units, race percentage, and age groups.

Looking for more dimensions of IP to geo searchable data? Try the Geolocation API, returning up to 20 geo data points of custom query information per IP address. Or the Domains API that retrieves domain, company name and even NAICS Code for a given IP address.

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Combined Gelocation And Census Data In One API

The IP to geo API (or, IP to geolocation API) uses MaxMind’s GeoLite data to map IP addresses to zip codes, then US Census 2000 data is applied to estimate demographics for an area. In testing, at least 95% of IP addresses within the US resolve to a zip code. All reported figures are from the 2000 US Census. Averages are reported unless otherwise indicated.

The API interprets your inputs for geo data, then provides and overlay of US Census data, allowing for search functionality that returns results matching your custom query, and screening out the rest. The simplicity of the API provides ease of use with connecting your program or tool to the IP to geo data. Once the API key is implemented in your code, you’ll never have to worry about refreshing the feed or updating the request for information.

This data set is available with an Infochimps Platform Solution. For availability inquiries, use the Contact Us form to the right.