Material Safety Data Sheets

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This Material Safety Data Sheet API delivers product information across more than 220,000 MSDS entries. The full text search available in the MSDS API includes such information as chemical components, first aid measures, storage and handling, and many more fields.

Query the API with a MSDS ID or product ID to retrieve Material Safety Data Sheet information about a given item. Each response includes several MSDS data points of product information to meet your MSDS ID or product ID query criteria. All information available through the API is provided by

Sample the API

The API reads Material Safety Data Sheet entries, allowing for search functionality that returns numerous results matching your custom query, and screening out the rest. The simplicity of the API provides ease of use with connecting your program or tool to Material Safety Data Sheet entries. Once the API key is implemented in your code, you’ll never have to worry about refreshing the feed or updating the request for information.

Test the API using the “Sample Request” below, or, sign up for the API now to access the full functionality. Try the sample below in the “q” field, or enter your own “field:term” custom query below in the “q” field. The specific term to search should follow the colon:

q: msds_id.product_id:hammer