Marvel Universe Chronology Project

Added By Ganglion

The MCP is an effort to catalog every actual appearance by every significant character in the Marvel Universe, and place them in their proper chronological order.

If there’s a particular character that’s struck your fancy, that you just can’t live without owning their every appearance, this is the place to start. Simply click on the first character of their name (if it’s a supporting character, then the first letter of their last name), and the Project will take you to an alphabetical listing of all characters starting with that letter. You’ll notice that some characters have links on their names. These links take you to either a cross-referenced MCP web page, or to a web page at another site dedicated to that character. If you have a web page that features a Marvel character, let us know and we’ll add a link if it’s appropriate.

First, however, you should visit the key and read the FAQ. The key gives you more detailed information about the project, including our charter, an abbreviations list, a list of titles covered, and what qualifies as an “appearance.” The FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions) goes into more detail on these and many other points that have been causing you to lose sleep.