M-Lab dataset: Network Path and Application Diagnosis tool (NPAD)

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NPAD is a network performance testing system that helps end-users to diagnose some of the common problems effecting the last network mile and end-users’ systems. As NPAD transfers bulk data between a user’s computer and an NPAD server, it gathers detailed statistics about what mechanisms actually regulate performance. In doing so, the server collects test results and records the IP addresses, upload/download speed, packet headers and TCP variables of the test. NPAD is a joint project of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and the National Center for Atmospheric Research, funded under NSF grant ANI-0334061.

This dataset includes the test results from users from around the world who have run NPAD through Measurement Lab (M-Lab). This data set includes results from various tests run between February 2009 and September 2009. M-Lab is an open server platform on which researchers deploy network measurement tests that generate information on broadband performance for end users. You can run NPAD on M-Lab here.

The data will be of interest to researchers who are interested in studying the actual performance of Internet users’ broadband connections.

Details on the NPAD data can be found at

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