Dataset Music Tags

Added By Infochimps

This is a set of artist and genre tag data collected from using the Audioscrobbler webservice during the Spring of 2007.

The data consists of the raw tag counts for the 100 most frequently occuring tags that listeners have applied to over 20,000 artists. Included are artist tags and genre related tags.

An undocumented (and deprecated) option of the audioscrobbler web service was used to bypass the normalization of tag counts. This data set provides raw tag counts.


11eabe0c-2638-4808-92f9-1dbd9c453429Deerhoofamerican14 11eabe0c-2638-4808-92f9-1dbd9c453429Deerhoofanimals5 11eabe0c-2638-4808-92f9-1dbd9c453429Deerhoofart punk21 11eabe0c-2638-4808-92f9-1dbd9c453429Deerhoofart rock18 11eabe0c-2638-4808-92f9-1dbd9c453429Deerhoofatmospheric4 11eabe0c-2638-4808-92f9-1dbd9c453429Deerhoofavantgarde3