Languages of the World (Multilingual RDF Descriptions)

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Linkvoj means languages in Esperanto. From the frontpage of :

  • is the complete RDF file gathering currently the description of 507 languages, including all languages defined by ISO 639-1 and most of ISO 639-2 codes (a few exceptions remain, for which Wikipedia articles are not consistent with ISO classification), and all languages having an active Wikipedia. Descriptions include all ISO 639 codes when available, owl:sameAs links to the URIs defining those languages in different RDF publications, and labels available in multilingual Wikipedias. More than 12,000 such labels are available in the current version, in over 200 languages. This is less than 10% of the potential labels: if each of 500 languages had an article in each of 250 Wikipedias, this would mean 125,000 names … Multilingual Wikipedians are still far from that goal, but working on it. For the 507 quoted languages, we have 410 labels in German, 375 in French, 362 in Spanish, and so on. More than 40 languages provide more than 100 labels.
  • Each individual language is identified by a URI in the namespace The fragment identifier is a language code conformant to BCP 47 .
    The language code is a two-letters code defined by ISO 639-1 when available, or three-letters ISO 639-2, or 639-3 default the previous ones. It can also include regional tags, for example en-us or en-gb. Such codes are used as values of the “xml:lang” attribute, and also as the prefix of the Wikipedia in this language.
    For example “zh” is the code for Chinese language. Therefore this language is identified by .
    Content negociation is used to redirect this URI either to a human-readable HTML page , or to a RDF page containing the formal description .
  • Version 1.0 of Lingvoj Ontology is used, declaring a Lingvo Class, its attributes such as ISO 639 codes and the way to link languages to FOAF resources (properties having Lingvo class as rdfs:range). Some examples of the use of those properties are available in my FOAF profile.

  1. Openness: OPEN
  • License: not specified but Open Data logo prominently displayed and part of the Linked Data effort so assumed to be open.
  • Access: Good.
  • bulk. (download of rdf file)