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The CDYNE IP2Geo XML Web Service resolves IP addresses to Network Owner Name, City, State/Province, and Country. In most U.S. cities, it will also provide extra information such as Area Code and Latitude/Longitude. This service allows for the integration of location & distance information and other geographic intelligence into your application databases, business processes and websites. IP2Geo provides you the means to create geographically customized menus. Your targeted user will be impressed when they see specific information on their location. The real-time information returned can even be used to trigger special “preferred location” promotions.

Customize the Web Experience

A website leaves a lasting impression. Use the CDYNE IP2Geo API to return location information on a visitor’s computer address and generate a page with advertisements or information specific to each visitor. Make them feel more comfortable in browsing your site by displaying factoids on their area of the world.

Analyze Visitor Statistics

Merchants have used IP2Geo to accumulate geographic information on their web site visitors and develop products and services specific to the areas in which they live. Use the location information returned by CDYNE IP2Geo with CDYNE Demographics to build a profile of the visitors’ age, race, income, or other socio-economic data. Understand your customers and target your marketing efforts. Utilize CDYNE Postal Address Verification to receive Latitude and Longitude for Postal Addresses.