Internet Movie Database

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  1. Description

Large film/movie database [claiming](

  • 425,000+ titles
  • 1,700,000 + filmographies of cast and crew members
  • Films from 1891 to Present
  • Foreign and independent movies, television movies and shows, new and future releases, and more

Information on database structure can be found here:

Information on history and development (including ‘enclosure’) on wikipedia:

  1. Openness: NOT OPEN
  • License: Fail. From :> “Please refer to the copyright/license information listed in each file for instructions on allowed usage. The data is NOT FREE although it may be used for free in specific circumstances.” See also information on:
    • Access: Pass
    • www: yes. (website itself).
    • api: no.
    • bulk: yes. See which provides links to plain text db dumps along with tools for manipulating the dumps. Several people have built interfaces e.g.