Indices of deprivation 2010: Sub-domains - barriers to housing and services

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This release updates the English Indices of Deprivation 2007.

The English Indices of Deprivation measures relative levels of deprivation in small areas of England called Lower layer Super Output Areas.

Most of the indicators used in these statistics are from 2008.

This domain measures the physical and financial accessibility of housing and key local services.
The indicators fall into two sub-domains: ‘geographical barriers’, which relate to the physical
proximity of local services, and ‘wider barriers’ which includes issues relating to access to housing
such as affordability. Seven indicators are combined to calculate this domain:

Sub-domain: Wider barriers

  • Household overcrowding – the proportion of households within an LSOA which are judged
    to have insufficient space to meet the household’s needs
  • Homelessness – the rate of acceptances for housing assistance under the homelessness
    provisions of the 1996 Housing Act (at local authority district level)
  • Difficulty of access to owner-occupation (local authority district level) – proportion of
    households aged under 35 whose income means they are unable to afford to enter owner

Sub-domain: Geographical barriers

  • Road distance to a GP surgery
  • Road distance to a supermarket or convenience store
  • Road distance to a primary school
  • Road distance to a Post Office.