Indices of deprivation 2010: Health deprivation and disability

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This release updates the English Indices of Deprivation 2007.
The English Indices of Deprivation measures relative levels of deprivation in small areas of England called Lower layer Super Output Areas.

Most of the indicators used in these statistics are from 2008.

This domain measures premature death and the impairment of quality of life by poor health. It
considers both physical and mental health. The domain measures morbidity, disability and
premature mortality but not aspects of behaviour or environment that may be predictive of future
health deprivation. Four indicators are used to calculate this domain:

  • Years of Potential Life Lost – an age and sex standardised measure of premature death
  • Comparative Illness and Disability Ratio – an age and sex standardised measure of
    morbidity and disability
  • Measures of acute morbidity – an age and sex standardised rate of emergency admissions
    to hospital
  • Proportion of adults under 60 suffering from mood or anxiety disorders – a modelled
    indicator for the proportion of adults suffering from mood and anxiety disorders.