Hydrological Information by Sampling Station within the Great Plains Region of the Bureau of Reclam

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The Bureau of Reclamation operates a network of automated hydrologic and meteorologic monitoring stations (Hydromet) located throughout the Great Plains Region. The Hydromet network collects remote field data and transmits it via satellite to provide real-time water management capability. Hydromet data is then integrated with other sources of information to provide streamflow forecasting and current runoff conditions for river and reservoir operations. This dataset includes the geographical locations of the sampling stations and associated parameters for data collection in each state within the Great Plains Region.

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  • Date Released: 11/01/94
  • Date Updated: Date changes currently (near real-time data collection)
  • Time Period: 1890 to present
  • Data Category Type: Raw Data Catalog
  • Frequency: one-time
  • Specialized Data Category Designation: Research

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