Hydrofracking Inference Matrix 46 – Range Resources Jim Cannon Very Confusing

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Hydrofracking Inference Matrix 46 – Range Resources Jim Cannon Very Confusing

To Date: July 20, 2011 00:11 EST/EDT neither Mr. Jim Cannon, a public affairs specialist and
Mr. Ralph Tijerina director of health, safety and environmental for Range Resources has responded
to my calls, voicemails and E-mails requesting an explanation and/or clarification of Mr. Cannon’s
statements that Hydrofracking flowback water or “brine” is nontoxic and that the chemicals that
comprise the brine are somehow neutralized underground (never mind that uranium gets bonded
to the chemicals added to the water).

Range Resources is a natural gas drilling company with a large presence in Pennsylvania. This
is all meticulously documented in this dataset overview below.

In the Hydrofracking documentary Gasland there were a few signature scenes where its creator
Josh Fox unsuccessfully attempted to contact the natural gas industry multiple times to no
avail with a similar trail of transfers to nowhere ultimately leading to voicemail boxes in digital
limbo seemingly purposely set up by the "Big (natural) Gas industry whatever company it may
be never to be returned.

The no response by Big Gas here in this case Range Resources to myself and in general Josh
Fox is one thing but it is quite another of a woman begging and pleading for remediation of a
brine pit that is overcoming her with fumes and causing her severe health problems also getting
no response after multiple attempts by her to contact the company.

The woman vehemently complained of this (right at the start of the video above) and then others
to where Mr. Tijerina gave his personal company phone number (724) 743-6745 in another video
segment of the meeting … the same number I’m experiencing no response from him:

If (or better put probably never) I do get a response from Messrs. Cannon and/or Tijerina I will
post them either here in this dataset or post a link to one that does.

Until then this most important dataset will remain a testament to the mindset of a least one
large “Big Gas” company: Range Resources that I can’t put any other way: severely endangers
public health on a wide scale.

To date the number of views of this compelling Range Resources YouTube video (i.e. the
above URL link) which is one of several segments is only a paltry 620. By all rights it should
number in the hundreds of thousands; no make that in the millions and if I succeed in my
efforts I’m hoping it will be so.

I want to strongly emphasize here this is NOT some “Sarah Palin gotchya moment” of a Range
Resources panel addressing some local yokels in an obscure town meeting in the boonies of

No … Buffalo, PA is in the heart of the “sweet spot” of the Marcellus shale. If Hydrofracking
would be conducted anywhere it would be there. And Messrs. Cannon and Tijerina are not
lowly Range Resources company officials but key point men from respectively an
aforementioned public relations and a (dubious and questionable) health and safety advisory

You can view Mr. Cannon’s (Inference Matrix) Internet profile here at this URL link:

and I’ve yet to do Mr. Tijerina’s. From a regular “manual” Google search i.e. one where I’m not
using my app, I can see Mr. Tijerina has a large Internet presence with respect to Range
Resources as does Mr. Cannon but that should not be misconstrued as an indication of

A few weeks ago New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)
commissioner Joe Martens selected a 12 member Hydrofracking advisory panel whose input
and advice will immediately and directly affect the health and welfare of millions and for
generations to come not being overly dramatic in several respects even more so than the
legislators voting on Hydrofracking.

I intend to do an (Inference Matrix) Internet profile for each of the appointees and Commissioner
Martens. Of the three I have done so far, two show a severe lack of credentials for experience
directly related to Hydrofracking; Ms. Heather Briccetti and Mr. Mark Hallman. You can see
their profiles for yourself at these URL links and make your own determinations.

In the same regard as attempting to contact Messrs. Cannon and Tijerina for clarification, I have
yet to receive a reply from either with any references of their experience explicitly to Hydrofracking
that perhaps I missed with my app. I’m not holding my breath of any kind of reply or correspondence
from anybody I’ve mentioned in this section.

If you are so inclined maybe you might have better luck than I. If you do get some feedback especially
clarifications; I’d sure like to hear about it. Here is the best contact information I can come up with:

Mr. Jim Cannon
Range Resources
100 Throckmorton Street, Suite 1200
Fort Worth, TX 76102
T 817-870-2601 F 817-869-9100
Ask to connected to Mr. Cannon. Range Resources does not give out personal E-mail addresses
from within the company.

Mr. Ralph Tijerina
Range Resources
(724) 743-6745
100 Throckmorton Street, Suite 1200
Fort Worth, TX 76102
T 817-870-2601 F 817-869-9100
Ask to connected to Mr. Tijerina. Range Resources does not give out personal E-mail addresses
from within the company.

Ms. Heather Briccetti
The Business Council of New York State, Inc.
152 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12210-2289
518.465.7511 Ext. 203

Mr. Robert M. Hallman – Partner
Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP
Eighty Pine Street
New York, NY 10005-1702
212.701.3680 Phone
212.378.2197 Fax

Mr. Joseph Martens – Commissioner
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
625 Broadway
Albany, New York 12233-0001
Mr. Martens direct E-mail address is not posted but you can E-mail him via this online form:

Per its description on its company webpage: (Select the Our Company tab):

“Range Resources Corporation is among the leading independent natural gas companies operating in the
United States through subsidiaries in both the Southwestern and Appalachian regions of the country.”

and Mr. Jim Cannon is a public affairs specialist for Range Resources. Mr Cannon can be seen on several
YouTube video segments as a member of a Range Resources panel addressing the concerns and
complaints of the townsfolk of quaint Buffalo, Pennsylvania of their High Volume Horizontal Hydraulic
Fracturing or “Hydrofracking” operations there …. well, (no pun intended) at least it used to be quaint before
the advent of it.

All town meetings have their share of complaints and things can get very emotional and heated like around
annual budget time with too much salary for the supervisor and town council and the nice ride or two they
all share at the expense of the taxpayers where snow removal was not quite up to snuff. You get the gist.

The complaints and pleadings for remediation of vile, stinking Hydrofracking flowback wastewater or brine
pits called “impoundments” if you bring up the following URL links and watch them in full:

are in a class of their own. The URL links above are just a few links of all the YouTube segments of the meeting.
There are several others. If you bring up any of the above you will see references to all the others by

In a personal respect I’ve attended some of my town board meetings here in Brighton, New York (a suburb of
Rochester) and for whatever I was bitching about at the time I now look back compared to those folks from
Buffalo, PA I thank my lucky stars that was all I had to complain about! Build those multi-level senior living
condos on the Erie Canal and kill all the froggies and the birdies or if not at least upset their habitat?
Nooooooooooo problem!

OK now to get to the crux of this Inference Matrix dataset especially dedicated to Mr. Cannon and clarifying
why I titled it as I have …

At the 3 min 40 sec mark of:

Mr. Cannon categorically and unequivocally states that the fumes from the brine pits / impoundments are

and at the 7 min 00 sec mark of:

he states that “the chemicals go down the hole and come back inert”. Soon after at the 7 min 45 sec mark
Mr. Cannon declares drinking the flowback water won’t kill you but it would be unpleasant and might upset
your tummy some (not verbatim)

OK … isn’t this the same flowback Hydrofracking wastewater brine whose ultimate destination is slated for
an injection well outside the state of Pennsylvania by mandate from the state?

Isn’t this the flowback water that is being studied for containing uranium coming back out from the depths?

Isn’t this the flowback brine that a recent study shows causing massive deforestation?:

Is this how Pennsylvania disposes of its supposedly inert non-toxic (according to Mr. Cannon) Hydrofracking
waste water? If the flowback water which is high in salt content is the greatest problem then injection wells in
Pennsylvania shouldn’t be a second thought.

Isn’t this the same contaminated water that was the source of all the concern of the blowout in Bradford
County causing Pennsylvania hazmat teams to investigate the issue? This is sure a lot of concern for
thousands of gallons of “inert” fluid?

This is all coming from a public affairs specialist for Range Resources. Furthermore present on the Range
Resources panel was Mr. Ralph Tijerina; Range Resources director of health, safety and environmental
and whatever Mr. Cannon was relating he sure wasn’t objecting. Mr. Tijerina can be reached at:
(724) 743-6745 if you want to make your own inquiries into this tremendously confusing information
discrepancy that in my opinion is very important to resolve. I don’t know if he’s going to get back to me.

The search engine search terms I selected for Mr. Cannon are simply:

Jim Cannon Range Resources

and here are the Auxiliary terms search for each URL result (i.e. web page or online document):

address addressing affairs air answers attorney bacteria Bradford brine Buffalo Cannon chemical claim claimed complaints compressor concerns constant construction contaminant contamination county curriculum dangerous declining DEP diesel director drilling environmental escape experience explosion Facebook farm findings flowback fluid followup frac frack fracking fresh freshwater fumes garbage gas government Guella health hydraulic hydrocarbon hydrocarbons Hydrofracking impoundment industry inert inquiries inquiry investigation Jim Kenneth Komoroski lawyer leakage liner LinkedIn lobby lobbyist mandate Marcellus mouthpiece natural noise nontoxic oil ozone Pennsylvania permit pit pollution pond property public putrid qualified Ralph Range remediation rendered report reported requirement research Resources responded response responsibility responsible resume royalty safe safety sample sampling screening sewage shale smell solution specialist speeding stakeholder state stench stinky tanker testing Tijerina toxic trucks Twitter unqualified unsafe values vibration vitae Washington water well wellhead wells YouTube

The “Inference matrix” is a powerful reformat of the “base data” I generate from my app where from inference or extrapolation of currently up to 255 terms the user can make an unprecedentedly accurate determination if the given web page or online. PDF document warrants further scrutiny and examination.

The “terms” can be any combination of proper, place or company names, technical, medical or generic terms and/or just "regular words in any language or better put any language’s alphabet or character set that is represented on the Internet.

The idea is basic search terms are put through a search engine and then respectively for each of the each web page or online PDF document links (URLs) that are returned (i.e. search results), the HTML or text of the given web page/PDF doc is further searched for the presence of the up to 255 user names, terms and words just mentioned; the maximum number of columns in an Excel spreadsheet.

There are currently several free examples here on that should give you a better idea of gist. These examples are the standard format where the web page URL/link is the “key” and the terms are associated with the web page.

The new format has the terms as the key and the URLs/links as the data. Thus, if you want to quickly see the Internet presence or “Internet footprint” of a Hydrofracking chemical that may be the root of your rare form of cancer you look down the column of the Excel file. If you quickly want to see other chemical names that may be on the same web page or .PDF doc, you look at the rows.

For those of you familiar with Microsoft Excel I want to remind you of and for those of you new to Excel I want to relate to you a nifty Excel feature that will enhance your viewing of these Hydrofracking Inference Matrices.

It is the “Freeze Frame” feature. The idea here is to freeze the first row of the spreadsheet which are located all the “Auxiliary” terms which are the headers for the columns containing the URLs/links that contain the given Auxiliary term.

Thus as you scroll down you don’t need to make time consuming notes what column is for what Auxiliary term or constantly return to row 1 for reference.

To implement the Freeze frame by an easy keyboard sequence first set set your Excel focus (cursor) to Cell B1. Now press [Alt][w] in combination as you press the [Shift] key to capitalize a letter. An Excel drop down menu should appear showing Freeze Panes with the F of Freeze underlined. Now merely press F. The case does not matter for the W or F.

There – The first row should be frozen as you scroll down the speadsheet. To undo just repeat the two step procedure.

As you probably know Hydrofracking abounds with controversy. The Inference Matrix is an unprecedented tool to get to the web pages closest to or exactly in the ballpark of your interest.