Hydrofracking Inference Matrix 45 – NYS Hydrofracking Advisor Appointee Mark Boling

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Hydrofracking Inference Matrix 45 – NYS Hydrofracking Advisor Appointee Mark Boling


This is the third in the series of Inference Matrices profiling the backgrounds and history of each
of the 12 panel of “Hydrofracking advisors” appointed by the head of the New York State Department
of Environmental Conservation (DEC): Mr. Joe Martens.

If you are reviewing them in order you might think that I’m going to be “dissing” all the members of
the advisory panel merely because of my current stance or opinion I don’t want Hydrofracking with the
current knowledge of it or better put the lack of it and the insufficient “what if’s” associated with it that
beg to be addressed.

Yes, a claim could be made that what I’m expounding here is paralysis by analysis and with my logic
there would be no cars let alone space shuttles, but in scale and relative proportion I vigorously defend
my stance with respect to Hydrofracking.

However here with respect to Mr. Mark Bowling and with respect to his qualifications on paper and from
his Inference Matrix please note I specifically do not include “Questionable” associated with him as Ms.
Briccetti and Mr. Hallman.

But … Mr. Boling is obviously a member of the pro-Hydrofracking contingent being the Vice-President
General Counsel and Secretary of Southwestern Gas. If he wasn’t pro-Hydrofracking I don’t think
Southwestern would have anything to do with him. This goes without saying.

And, as I mentioned in my other two New York State Hydrofracking panel appointee profiles so far
Mr. Boling is going an immediate influence on our lives, health and welfare, for our children and
generations to come in this state.

From his Inference Matrix I found this URL link and some verbiage from it. I feel we really do see a
lot of things eye to eye but admittedly what is safe enough for a Hydrofracking go in New York in his
eyes is a long way off from mine.

He and I both strive for “putting things into context”. My point and challenge to him and all members of
the DEC Hydrofracking advisory board is how far are willing to put things into context? Or perhaps better
put, how much information will you strive to make public? How willing would you be to call Hydrofracking
quits once (a) certain critical level(s) is reached? How willing are you to start defining this from the

Do you intend to set up some air and water pollution indexes and levels where they are reached would
mean a dramatic cutback in Hydrofracking activity … perhaps to the cessation of all of it based on
qualified epidemiological stats and data?

Do you have a plan to compose a plan for such an situation? Would the Big Gas industry be adverse to
a well / well pad and environment clean-up and remediation fund if Hydrofracking becomes found just too
dangerous and untenable for New York state?

Saying very tight restrictions is necessary is easy. Saying the same once billions of Big Gas’ money is
tied up in New York state is quite another.

Yes, it looks like, and I am directly asking Mr. Boling these buzzsaw questions here, but I’m not picking
on him calling him out in particular … no, it is to the entire advisory panel and the New York DEC and I
don’t seek (a) personal responses; I look for a public one and any private replies I do receive I will look
to make public.

[[ Both the promise and potential perils of natural gas make knee-jerk reactions to fracking hardly appropriate. This applies to people who instinctively reject any further use of fossil fuels without being able to point to any realistic, short-term alternatives. It also applies to many powerful figures in the gas industry itself, who reflexively and unrealistically reject any further regulatory oversight despite the very real dangers involved in natural gas production.

Between the two, we are headed for the worst of all possible outcomes—one in which misguided environmentalism combines with industry intransigence to create a political climate that shuts off further natural gas production, thereby delaying the move toward cleaner, renewable sources of energy for perhaps another generation. If a few contaminated wells in rural towns were enough to put a hold on gas drilling in New York State, it’s easy to imagine how an incident that was far from catastrophic would still be enough to create an effective moratorium on new drilling, especially since most of the new gas happens to be in areas that are close to major population centers. Even the status quo, argues Scott Anderson at the Environmental Defense Fund, is a sort of “slow-moving Three Mile Island. It’s more the cumulative effect of a large number of smaller problems.”

Not all members of the natural gas industry are oblivious to this reality. “Scott Anderson likes to say industry is shooting itself in the foot, and quite frankly I agree with him,” says Mark Boling, executive vice president and general counsel of Southwestern Energy, a large independent natural gas producer. Far too many in the industry, however, have stood firm in their opposition to tighter regulations, even as some putative environmentalists continue to seek draconian regulation that would shut the industry down altogether. Thus it is important for all sides to get the facts about fracking straight and to put them in context, in order to establish the regulatory regime we need to avoid a far dirtier and more dangerous energy future. ]]

Here are are search engine search terms I used for for Mr. Boling are simply:

Mark Boling Southwestern Gas

Here are the Auxiliary terms search for each URL result (i.e. web page or online document):

accessible adequate advocate agenda alleged alliance analysis appointed appointee appointment area associated association authority BCNYS biased blind Boling bribe Briccetti Brownstein business Cahill call Catell Cheney chosen clout collaborate collaborated commission commissioner compulsory concept conclude conclusion conjunction conservation contention contrary controverisal controversy council counsel credible crony cronyism Cuomo curious curriculum dangerous deceit deception decision degradation demonstrate demonstrated demonstrates department depreciation determination directive discussion dishonest disingenuous donor dubious ducks economics endorsed endorsement environmental EPA evidence exact executive exemption experience experienced expertise extend extension favoritism field financial FOIA following follows forced formulation fracking gas Gill Goldstein governor grasp grasping gratutitous Halliburton Hallman harmful health Heather hides hinder historical history honesty horizontal hydraulic Hydrofracking hypocrisy hypocrite ignorance ignorant impartial impartiality inaccessible inadequate inconsistent increased independent industry inexperience inexperienced influence influenced influencing initiated inquiries inquiry inspection insufficient insurance integration IOGA IOGANY irrelevant Joseph justification Kennedy lacking land landowner lawsuit Libous lie lies lobbied lobby loss Lundine Lupardo mandate Martens McGinty models monopoly Moore moratorium motivation motive motives mouthpiece natural neophyte new obfuscate oblivious oil open opinion opinionated overwheming partial Pennsylvania perception personal pooling prejudice prejudicial president previous profitability puppet purposely qualifications qualified questionable questioning questions reasoning recommendations recommended record relating relevant reliable reputed research resistant resolution respect resume rote rubber safety satisfactory scam self shill silence silent sincere sincerity Sinding Southwestern specifically stamp stance state statement strict stringent studies study subservient substantial sufficient sustainable technology testimony tort toxic track ulterior unbiased undesirable unqualified unreliable unsubstantial unsubstantiated unsuitable unsuited unwilling upfront uranium vice vitae void willing with York

The “Inference matrix” is a powerful reformat of the “base data” I generate from my app where from inference or extrapolation of currently up to 255 terms the user can make an unprecedentedly accurate determination if the given web page or online. PDF document warrants further scrutiny and examination.

The “terms” can be any combination of proper, place or company names, technical, medical or generic terms and/or just "regular words in any language or better put any language’s alphabet or character set that is represented on the Internet.

The idea is basic search terms are put through a search engine and then respectively for each of the each web page or online PDF document links (URLs) that are returned (i.e. search results), the HTML or text of the given web page/PDF doc is further searched for the presence of the up to 255 user names, terms and words just mentioned; the maximum number of columns in an Excel spreadsheet.

There are currently several free examples here on that should give you a better idea of gist. These examples are the standard format where the web page URL/link is the “key” and the terms are associated with the web page.

The new format has the terms as the key and the URLs/links as the data. Thus, if you want to quickly see the Internet presence or “Internet footprint” of a Hydrofracking chemical that may be the root of your rare form of cancer you look down the column of the Excel file. If you quickly want to see other chemical names that may be on the same web page or .PDF doc, you look at the rows.

For those of you familiar with Microsoft Excel I want to remind you of and for those of you new to Excel I want to relate to you a nifty Excel feature that will enhance your viewing of these Hydrofracking Inference Matrices.

It is the “Freeze Frame” feature. The idea here is to freeze the first row of the spreadsheet which are located all the “Auxiliary” terms which are the headers for the columns containing the URLs/links that contain the given Auxiliary term.

Thus as you scroll down you don’t need to make time consuming notes what column is for what Auxiliary term or constantly return to row 1 for reference.

To implement the Freeze frame by an easy keyboard sequence first set set your Excel focus (cursor) to Cell B1. Now press [Alt][w] in combination as you press the [Shift] key to capitalize a letter. An Excel drop down menu should appear showing Freeze Panes with the F of Freeze underlined. Now merely press F. The case does not matter for the W or F.

There – The first row should be frozen as you scroll down the speadsheet. To undo just repeat the two step procedure.

As you probably know Hydrofracking abounds with controversy. The Inference Matrix is an unprecedented tool to get to the web pages
closest to or exactly in the ballpark of your interest.